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Best in the Social Business

WILDNESS ORGANIC CHOCOLATE is a well-renowned Singaporean Social Enterprise working with Adults with Special Needs at APSN CFA, manufacturing Organic chocolate. Started in 2019, our customers are hotels and corporates as well as supermarkets and independent customers. Everyone is welcome in our world, where the darkness of the cocoa meets the smoothness of our specially gifted team members.

Our passion for excellence and Social endeavours has driven us from the beginning,  The team at WILDNESS  knows that every product counts, and we are proud of our great work. Help us on making a difference in Singapore by supporting us !

Wildness started in 2013 in Wellington in New Zealand where we make the exact same chocolate but our team is "Behind Bars" at the Rimutaka Prison. Either serving their sentence or in rehabilitation, Wildness is providing work for men who have the desire to re-integrate our community with a fresh start. Since 2022,we have moved our operation at The Shed Project in Kapiti Coast,NZ.Check out

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